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Welcome to the Agawam Soccer Association


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Intown Parents:   Intown Soccer Starts on September 9th. Coaches...
Footware Promotion
ASA Families:   Team Sports , located at 935 Riverdale...
Agawam Soccer Charities Golf Tournament - Oakridge County Club
Agawam Soccer is pleased to announce the first annual Agawam Soccer...
Agawam Soccer Child Protection Policy
6/4/18 To all Agawam Soccer Association Members Agawam Soccer...
Agawam Soccer Intown Partnership with NEFC
To our Agawam Soccer In Town Coaches, Parents and Players Agawam...

Intown Parents:


Intown Soccer Starts on September 9th.

Coaches are still in the process of being selected, background checks being done, and assigned to teams.  This will be completed around August 27th (possibly before). 

Coaches will pick what days they practice and the times. 

All games are on Sunday starting at 12:00 (not earlier) and will go til about 5-6pm depending on time of year. 

In the meantime, please make sure your child has:  soccer shoes , ball, and water bottle for all soccer practices.  Size 3 for all players 3-K leagues and Size 4 for 1st grade - 3rd 4th.  Size 5 for 5th-8th.

Don’t forget the Agawam Soccer discount we have on shoes at Team Sports in West Springfield.

Please email Ken Smyth at with any questions.


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Footware Promotion

ASA Families:


Team Sports , located at 935 Riverdale St in West Springfield (few doors to the left of Panera Bread) is offering Agawam Soccer a discount on soccer shoes.  Please see the attached coupon.  You can buy online or go to the store and presnt the coupon.  This is a good deal for our players to take advanatage of. 



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Agawam Soccer Charities Golf Tournament - Oakridge County Club

Agawam Soccer is pleased to announce the first annual Agawam Soccer Golf Tournament.  The tournament will be held September 29th starting with lunch at 12:00, 1:00 shotgun start, followed by dinner.  All proceeds will go to the Agawam Soccer Charities Fund.

Thank you to the Golf Tournament Committee for helping get this fun event started for the first year and many years to come.

Register your foursome for the Agawam Soccer Golf tournament HERE!

Individuals wishing to golf and be placed in a foursome register HERE!

People wishing to purchase a dinner only ticket click HERE!

Business Sponsorships- Please click HERE to download the sponsor form.


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Agawam Soccer Child Protection Policy


To all Agawam Soccer Association Members

Agawam Soccer is pleased to announce that after months of work we are able to announce the ASA Child Protection Policy.  The policy will be officially named the Travel and Intown Recreational League Coaches Background Screening Policy.

ASA has always maintained a strict policy as it pertains to volunteers and coaches. Our responsibility to maintain a group of volunteers, that pass the mandatory screening, is our number one priority in Agawam Soccer.

This screening has always been in place and a priority of ASA.  Recently, the ASA Board wanted to document the process for all of our members to see and have for their reference.  The object was to instill a sense of certainty within our members that each volunteer has been checked and passed the background checks that ASA has in place with our partner soccer organizations.  It should never be the responsibility of a parent or child to question whether a volunteer has had a background check.  Far too many times have I heard over the years in many organizations “I’m sure they background check”, when the reality is you may not be sure.  Documenting this process and having it accessible to our members was our top priority over the previous off-season.

ASA is confident that the process we have will make sure that those volunteering with your children are deemed safe to be there.  However, in today’s climate, the best protection for your children is to always be with them , know who they are with, and to take caution when something doesn’t seem right. No organization will ever protect your children better then you as parents/guardians will.

There will be times when parents end up on sidelines to help a coach or to help an injured player.  That’s part of youth sports that will always be consistent.  Please make it your priority to always keep a look out for things that don’t seem right.  Don’t be afraid to bring it to someone’s attention.  Look out for your child and other peoples children.

We have the policy on our web site under ASA Information Tab (or click here) for you to review.  The badges that we refer to in the policy will be worn stating fall of the 2018 season.  The rest of the policy is already being done, this just documents things and put them out for our members to see.

I want to personally thank Frank DeGeorge, our VP of ASA, for the hours that he and his team of:  Tina Castro, Ken Smyth, Ron Clarke, April Oyler, Kevin Hurley, and Jeff Heinze have put in to this project.  Communication I have received from the organizations that this team has consulted with, is that no other organization they have worked with has gone into this much detail and work to provide a actual policy for their members.  The hours of work and the due diligence that was needed here is commendable. 

I also want to thank the whole ASA board for putting this committee together and to make this a priority to communicate to our ASA members.

The protection of children within the Agawam Soccer Association will always be our top priority as an organization.  No soccer game, coach assignment, try out, or any other soccer related activity, is more important then the safety of all of our children.  Again, thank you to all who have worked on this.  Have a great end to your soccer season, have fun and be SAFE!






Brian Regnier

President Agawam Soccer Association

CC: Agawam Soccer Board of Directors

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Agawam Soccer Intown Partnership with NEFC

To our Agawam Soccer In Town Coaches, Parents and Players

Agawam Soccer is pleased to announce a developmental partnership between the Agawam Soccer Association and the NEFC (New England Football Club).  The NEFC is a premier soccer organization located in Massachusetts and the west leadership works out of the Roots Soccer Facility in Westfield.  Through local relationships, the NEFC club has offered to assist Agawam Soccer in player and coach development.

Agawam Soccer has always made player and coach development a priority in how we set up our league, train our coaches, and purchase equipment.  Over the years there have been many efforts to improve the overall enjoyability of kids and the game of soccer.  We are pleased that we can partner with NEFC to help us with the overall goal of improving soccer in Agawam both from skill perspective and as mentioned earlier, overall enjoyment of the game.

Agawam soccer and NEFC have put together training sessions every Saturday morning for age groups: 3, 4, 5 and 1st and 2nd grade.  ASA is currently working on separate programs for 3-4th grade and 5th-8th.

The “Agawam Soccer Intown Technical Training” as we call it, will be held each Saturday during the following time slots:

  • 9:00-10:00 ---Boys and Girls 1st and 2nd grade

  • 10:00 – 10:30     -- 3 year old league

  • 10:30----11:00 --- 4 year old league

  • 11:00 ---11:45----5 year old league


Coaches will come to each training session with their respected teams and will train as a group with the NEFC coaches.  NEFC coaches will basically demonstrate certain exercises designed for that specific age group and then the ASA coaches will do the exercise with their teams under the mentoring from the NEFC coach.  This is a standard developmental model designed to train players and coaches while implementing the latest training techniques from US Soccer.

Games will still be on Sundays.  Coaches may at their own discretion have practices during the week or possibly meet before or after these training sessions.  Please contact your coach individually for your schedule outside of this.

NEFC in addition to this also has a NEFC Jr Academy that they run at Roots Soccer Facility and Arbors Kids in East Longmeadow.  It is an excellent program for those kids that would like additional training to what will be provided on Saturdays at Robinson Pool.  The web site for the NEFC Jr Academy can be accessed by clicking HERE.

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Frank Martin on Parents/Coaches
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