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Welcome to the Agawam Soccer Association

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ASA Charities Supports Player
Cole Smyth and his family are active members of the Agawam Soccer...
Special Thank You to Outgoing Board Members
This past Monday at the ASA Board meeting, ASA recognized two outgoing...
Calendar Raffle Winners
Thank you to all players and parents for your participation in the...
ASA Charities Supports Player

Cole Smyth and his family are active members of the Agawam Soccer Association. Through our Agawam Soccer Charities Fund and our members commitment to making the golf tournament and calendar raffle a success, ASA was able to support Cole and his fundraising efforts as explained below by his father Kenneth Smyth:

Cole was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes when he was 7 years old. He is now 10 years old and a true warrior. He has played spring and fall soccer with ASA and RSL si...nce preschool. He wears an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor 24 hours a day. His blood sugar is constantly watched and monitored and every thing from breakfast to soccer practice to the weather can affect his blood sugar levels. It's a 24 hour disease with no breaks.

Cole formed a team with JDRF in September of 2016 and has raised money for the One Walk held at Six Flags every October. He has participated in fund raisers with the help of family and friends and teammates that include, lemonade stands, One Walk sneaker sales, car washes and online donations. His team has raised over $7000 for JDRF since Cole began his journey. Thank you, ASA, for your donation in support of Cole on his mission to spread awareness and funding for research into new technology and (hopefully) a cure for Type One Diabetes.

by posted 11/13/2018
Special Thank You to Outgoing Board Members

Steve Maloney and Frank DeGeorge

This past Monday at the ASA Board meeting, ASA recognized two outgoing board members that have served Agawam Soccer as a volunteer for many years.

Steve Maloney has been with Agawam Soccer Association for over 20 years as both a coach and a board member, dedicating countless hours of time to the youth soccer players in Agawam. Steve served most recently as the ASA registrar, in charge of player registrations, league player passes, coach and volunteer background checks,and insurance for all members involved.  All the little things that are so important that go on behind the scenes. Steve stayed on the board for many years after his children had aged out of the league

Frank DeGeorge has been with Agawam Soccer Association for over 15 years, serving as a:  coach, board member, and vice-president of the board for many years.  Frank was recognized by Mass Youth Soccer as the 2015 Girls Coach Of The Year.  Frank has held many differnt positions and recently his last duty was to head up the Agawam Soccer Childs Protection Policy that clearly outlines the steps Agawam Soccer takes in providing and ensuring the safety of the children in Agawam Soccer.

"Frank and Steve really epitomize the meaning of a volunteer," states ASA President Brian Regnier.  "Both Steve and Frank worked tirelessly behind the scenes and in the best interest of the youth soccer players in the association.  Throughout the years and in countless situations, they both have always done what was best for the kids.  No personal agendas and never looking for gratitude, they both worked to improve Agawam Soccer and always put the kids first. It has been great working with both of them and the whole board thanks them for their years of dedication to Agawam Soccer."

Both Steve and Frank received some nice Agawam Soccer winter coats and a gift certificate for dinner. They will also receive the honor of having an Agawam Soccer Scholarship re-named for one year in their honor to an outgoing senior at Agawam High School.  The "Steve Maloney and Frank DeGeorge ASA Scholarship" will be given out this spring in addition to the other scholarships Agawam Soccer offers.

Thank you both on an outstanding volunteer career with Agawam Soccer. 


by posted 11/12/2018
Calendar Raffle Winners

Thank you to all players and parents for your participation in the 2018 Calendar Raffle.  We are pleased to announce the winners.   If you are a winner you will be contacted soon and payment will be sent to you.   Once again thank you for your support of Agawam Youth Soccer.


The winners are:


10/1 - David Popp - 

10/2 - Becky Wing Anderson - 

10/3 - Anonymous - 

10/4 - Anonymous - 

10/5 - Diem Longo -

10/6 - Debbie Millot - 

10/7 - Bobby Kidrick - 

10/8 - Filipe Cravo - 

10/9 - Meredith Shepard - 

10/10 - Kerri Boulay - 

10/11 - Lucas Ritson - 

10/12 - Brooke Clark - 

10/13 - John Clark - 

10/14 - Meredith Shepard - 

10/15 - Lucas Ritson - 

10/16 - Anonymous - 

10/17 - James Typrowicz - 

10/18 - Lisa Hebert - 

10/19 - Brian Perron - 

10/20 - Ginny Malanson - 

10/21 - Nancy Sprandel -

10/22 - Anna Longo - 

10/23 - Corey Fournier - 

10/24 - Kaitlin Remillard -

10/25 - Candido Goncalves -

10/26 - Richard Smith - 

10/27 - Anonymous - 

10/28 - Debbie Gondek - 

10/29 - Tyler Anderson - 

10/30 - Lourdes Cedeno - 

10/31 - Anonymous - 

by posted 10/29/2018
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