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Pantousco's Soccer Camp
Pantousco's soccer cam will be returning to Robinson Pool Fields...
ASA Night at Revolution- Italian Star Piro- July 6th
To all members of Agawam Soccer: ASA has purchased group tickets...
ASA Announcement on Roots Soccer League
To all parents and players currently involved with our Pioneer Valley...
New England Revolution Schedule
Coaches/Parents: With our partnership with the New England Revolution...
Pantousco's Soccer Camp

Pantousco's soccer cam will be returning to Robinson Pool Fields the Week of August 1st through August 5th.  Cost wil lbe $185.00 and registrations can be done on the Pantousco Soccer Web Site.


Thank You

by posted 06/07/2016
ASA Night at Revolution- Italian Star Piro- July 6th

To all members of Agawam Soccer:

ASA has purchased group tickets for the July 6th game against NYC FC with Italian soccer star Pirlo.  The seats are in section 130 and rows 20-21-22.  The regular cost for these tickets are $52.00 but our group rate has them at $36.00 each. 

How to purchase.  Please email Brian Regnier at and let us know how many tickets you want.  We have 50 right now and will purchase more (maybe not same section) if needed. Please mail a check made out to :  Agawam Soccer and mail to 77 Cecile St Agawam Ma 01001.  When check is received we will mail or make arrangements to get you the tickets.

The quicker we sell the 50 the quicker we can get 50 more in the same section.

Thank You and GO REVS! (and Pirlo)

by posted 06/04/2016
ASA Announcement on Roots Soccer League

To all parents and players currently involved with our Pioneer Valley Travel Teams:

Over the past three months ASA has been in discussions with other clubs regarding a new travel league in the area call Roots Soccer League.  Roots is a facility being built in Westfield Mass that will be a state of the art soccer complex.  See Web Site The facility will also be launching a new town travel league for soccer communities in Western Mass. 

The Roots league, referred to as RSL, has addressed many of the issues that has plagued town travel soccer for years now.  ASA, understanding the social and developmental importance of town travel soccer, looked hard at Roots as a viable option in the future.  That future came to fruition last week when 14 area towns signed up for the new league , effective this fall of 2016.

Some of the major issues surrounding town travel soccer were:

  • Too many games in the spring that caused many conflicts with other sports.  Most teams averaged 12-14 games.
  • Sundays games that caused players on club teams to have to miss their town games (club soccer is primarily only on Sundays).
  • Lack of a true voice with Pioneer Valley League when addressing rescheduled games due to school or church events.
  • Lack of a true board of directors where the town organizations were part of the running of a league.
  • Weekday games that were very difficult to get to (Agawam playing in Palmer at 5:15 on a Wednesday)

The climate of soccer today is that many kids play club soccer.  Its a part of soccer that was much less prevalent years back, but in todays culture it is here to stay and the numbers have grown.  ASA (myself included) believe very strongly in the town programs.  Many of my players that have gone on to successful college careers learned their sense of "team work" and "togetherness" from their Agawam teams, and then some of them were also developed talent wise on their club teams.  When the two (club and town) can co-exist together, it can be a great time for the kids, both socially and with soccer development.

In all honesty, the more kids we can get playing at a high club level, and stay in the Agawam program, the better the town of Agawam will be in soccer.  Its no secret that each year when high school teams make the Western Mass playoffs, that the team with the most club players on it does better.  Happens every year.  So we want to encourage players to play club soccer, push themselves to be better, then come back to Agawam and make kids around them better.  Thats what I have seen works best for a soccer community.  In case people haven't been paying attention., Agawam is slowly becoming more of a soccer town that almost any other core sport.  Numbers are up, coaches are getting better, and we have excellent volunteers that put kids and development first.

With this new league, players will not have to worry about town and club conflicts and the schedule will be flexible and more consistent.  Main points are

  • Saturday only games
  • Grade appropriate teams
  • Board of directors with representatives from each town
  • Coach and player developmental programs
  • Straight communication with club coaches to help with any scheduling conflicts'
  • Primary member of the Roots Athletic Complex for field usage and program involvement.

ASA conducted several meetings, coaches as well, to get as much feedback as possible to make the correct decision for the future development for our Agawam players.  I'm very proud of the diligence that the board and coaches took into researching what we believe will be a better situation for social, soccer development, and overall fun for the players in Agawam Soccer.  The conversations regarding what was best for the kids in Agawam was directly focused on all of your children and to do what was best for them.  No and in the future.

So we are please to announce that the Agawam Soccer Association (along with many other towns) will be joining the RSL league effective fall of 2016.

What does this mean for all of you? Nothing really.  There will be some changes that were coming either way and the age group restructuring will not effect this league.  There will be some new software and registration systems coming and a few twists that are exciting (separate email) but all in all , not much will change for anyone.

Ultimately now with players playing town and club soccer, the conflicts will be gone, the schedule more manageable and maybe, just maybe, some of these kids will have a day off from soccer and can go play in the back yard or something.  Imagine that!

Thank You to all the ASA coaches and board members for all the support and the feedback as we moved through this process and ultimately into the RSL league.  We look forward to this new adventure for ASA and as always, a better soccer environment for all for our kids.


Thank You,

Brian Regnier

President Agawam Soccer

by posted 06/03/2016
New England Revolution Schedule


With our partnership with the New England Revolution Academy, ASA has great discounts and packages for almost anyone that wants to go to a game, either as a family or for a team event.  Please click HERE for the 2016 Revolution Schedule and email or DeGeorge with requests for tickets.

by posted 04/18/2016
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